Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gay Dads"My final thoughts"

After dedicating myself to reading this book for the past few days, I realize how determined the adoptive parents are in the book.   If one adoption fell through, they tried again, if a social worker wouldn’t help them they tried again.  In one story a couples lawyer didn’t show up in court for the adoption and one father ran to find another lawyer on the spot (they waited 2 ½ years just for that final and special day).  These fathers inspire me.  It’s a realization if you want to be a father you can be, it just can take a lot of time (or even years). 
There are also stories of adopting older children which I was happy to read.  It seems the process isn’t as long but of course it’s no easy task either.  Older children often come with emotional problems so it takes more time for the bonding trust to settle in.  With lots of love and understanding it will always happen in the end, at least that’s what the stories prove.
This gives me even more hope than I had before.
The book is a great starter to my reading on to the next one.  Not sure which book is next for me.  I’ll have to think about it.  Maybe a book on the process instead of experiences?  Have a happy weekend.  It’s almost February already, I can’t believe it.

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