Monday, January 31, 2011

Must watch documentary: My Flesh and Blood

Over the weekend we watch a very inspiring and moving documentary.   It was about a woman named Susan who adopted 11 special-needs kids all on her own.  There are some kids who were missing legs,  has Epidermolysis bullosa and one little girls body is burned from head to toe.  Watching Susan day in and day out with these kids just astonished me.  Susan has the ability to help these kids live life and not only that, they all were doing amazing in school.  I say were because the documentary was in 2003.  She adopted the kids and a earlyt age from basic childbirth.  Susan not only is a great mother but she stays in contact with the birth families of ther adoptive children, a few occations the families came together for a wedding and even a birthday.
To me she is a hero.  I inspire to be as wonderful of a father as she is mother.  Thank you for your story.

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