Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend In Sequim

Jose and I in the horse barn

Jose and I went to Washington State to see my family to surprise my sister on her 25th birthday.  The surprise was great and she was happy.  We had to go because she got into WSU so I don’t know when the next time I will be able to see her.

Happy Birthday Melissa!!
While we were there my mom, my Aunt Wanda and Jose had a chat about adoption.  My mom is very excited about the possibility and a wonderful surprise my aunt is as well.  I just never know what to expect from anybody so when I get a positive response I definitely count my blessings.  We chatted about ages, what issues we can deal with or what we can’t deal with.  It was a very moving conversation (maybe because at that moment I was also going through pictures of my sister and I while we were growing up.  For me, having my family stand with us in the decision emotional and powerful.  My mom made sure to tell us that no matter if the child is biological or adopted, that child will always be loved by them.  My heart sank.  It’s only a little over a week away before orientation and the time has actually flied by. 

While we were visiting Jose and I were walking around looking at the Olympic Mtns, watching the horses run around  and of course trying to stay clear from my family’s evil chickens (I have never liked them, I have a very dark past with chickens).  I realized how lucky I am with the family I have.  I and my sister are both gay and my family is there whole heartedly.  It makes me excited to make my parents, grandparents.  My mom can’t wait to have a child in the family again; there hasn’t been one since my sister grew up.  I sure hope this week and 3 days go by fast.  I just can’t wait!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family is so important

While cooking dinner last night (it totally turned out delish!!):

I started to think about the importance of family and what role they play in your life.  As much as I would like to think that I personally could make it out there all on my own I honestly don’t know what I would do without my family.  Good or bad they all play a part in my development.  Luckily Jose and I both have such good families, Jose’s mom is so gentle and loving it’s unbelievable.   Even though I have yet learned enough Spanish to keep up a conversation you can feel the love through her actions, her smile, and her laugh.  She has a great laugh.  As far as his sisters, can you say amazing?  They all are nothing short of that.  His nephews and nieces are obviously the cutest; they call me uncle which it’s the funniest.   I love every bit of it.  Becoming a part of Jose’s family was the easiest; right off the back his mom would constantly fill my plate even though I was so old I couldn’t eat another bite.  His sisters talk to me and still quiz me about stuff, and his nieces and nephews tell me about their day to day life which I can’t get enough of.
I believe Jose is such a wonderful man because of his mom and sisters.  He is strong, and knows what he wants and nothing you do will make him feel different.  I have them to thank for such a wonderful husband.

As for me both my parents they taught me if you work hard, things will work out.  I find that to be true for the most part.  My grandparents are a second set of parents to me.  They taught me to always be a good person, never judge and just show who you are.  Just the other day I spoke to my grandma on the phone and she called me her “special guy”.  I’m almost 29 and I still don’t get tired of hearing that.  My sister has always taught me that determination can get you to where you want to go and to never give up.  She is still going after her dream to become a vet even though it may take her a little longer (she is 4 years younger than I am but I have always looked up to her).  To my aunts and uncles except one aunt, they have always loved me no matter what and have always tried to understand me.  They taught me that even if you don’t understand, try.  To that except one aunt, she has taught be that her ignorance will not drag me down anymore.  Even though she told me she couldn’t congratulate me on my marriage to my husband because she thinks what I am is wrong.  I have spent 2 years strongly disliking her and never wanting anybody to mention her name because a fire would burn in my soul.  Now, she no longer controls my feelings.  Do I forgive her?  No, I have just decided to move on and be happy and not to think about how she could do this to me?  Why would she say these things to me?  I stopped caring, it has been the most freeing thing I have ever done.  So what she has taught me is that sometimes ignorance gets the best of people, if they decide not to educate themselves, what can you do?  Just move on and be happy.  I feel since we want a child I need to learn these lessons so everything will be a pro in our child’s life.  I want no anger in our lives, no resentment.  Only love and happiness.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My first pie!!! That’s right, you heard me!

Since I’m trying to learn how to like cooking I decided to dive right in.  Why not bake a pie from total scratch, including the crust.  Crazy right?  A little yes.
On my journey I have found if you make it yourself it means more, or at least you feel better about it.  I have obviously had pies in the past but they were store bought and the taste was never as sweet as my first.
Again this recipe is from my good friend Kate (I like to call her my personal Julia Child).  It’s an easy recipe but for beginners, have fun!!
Things I need to remind myself when I start to cook or bake something new:
·         Don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t turn out as you planned.
·         It’s your first time so don’t have an anxiety attack, its ok – just breathe!!!!!
·         When reading directions on how to make it look pretty but you can’t make it look like it, it’s ok – the most important thing is the taste!  J

This pie is not a pie, it’s a masterpiece.  The only thing I did different was use blueberries instead of raspberries. 

Funny note about my first time baking this pie!  After crating the crust I decided to put it in my “pie pan” then I noticed uuuummm I bought a cake pan.  Haha so my pie turned out to look more like a cake.  Ooohh this is one for the memory book for sure!  I was wondering why the crust wouldn’t flap over like in Kate’s blog picture. 

Of course after the pie was ready to serve I gave Jose the first piece and said “good luck, hope you survive”, and he did!  He said it was really good, I thought he was lying at first until I saw him get another piece. 

I am starting to find cooking and baking empowering in its own way (especially since the whole time I was baking I blast Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”).  Like I said before, it tastes so much sweeter if you make it yourself.    On to the next project, wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To stay in the city or not to stay in the city, that my friends is the question.


Deciding to stay in the city or not was actually not a hard decision.  We both love the city, but we both equally agree leaving is the best.  Of course we would never go far because we both work in the city but we can get more space and maybe even our own yard. 
When we discussed leaving the city my point of view is that I grew up in a small town and never lived in an apartment until I moved to Seattle (of course that was before I came to San Francisco).  I just don’t want to raise a child in the city.  I find it overwhelming as it is and I’ve been here for 7 years already.   I do believe raising a child in the city does have benefits to it, I would just rather be able to come back when we want.
The city with our child can be more of an exciting event rather than being an everyday thing.  I actually look forward to leaving.   It just seems the older I get, the louder the city gets.  I find myself going to bed at 9 or 10 and our neighbors are having a party and I can hear every laugh or stomp and I try sleeping with ear plugs. 
I guess I’m just changing and ready for the next move in our life. 
Now trying to figure out where to go will be the harder decision.  Where are the best schools, safer locations, and more things to do with your dog? 
I think these decisions will be a bit more difficult and a lot more compromising.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Learning how to like to cook!

Wanting to be a parent also means doing things you don’t necessarily want to do.  For me that would be cooking.  I find it boring and to be honest, why would you spend an hour cooking if it only takes you an average of 10 minutes to eat.
Now deciding to adopt obviously my view on this has changed.  I want my child to have a very healthy diet and the only way to do that is to cook and make sure the good stuff is being eaten.  I fear of obesity in our child because it’s so common now in the U.S.
So how did I finally figure out to like or at least tolerate cooking?  My good friend Kate, her blog is amazing.
Here is our breakfast this morning:

Looks crazy right?  Crazy delicious!  I find on her blog to be basically beginner friendly and so many great ideas.  She has an easy section and kid friendly section.  So while Jose does 99.9% of the cooking we both have decided to be committed to pick something new every weekend each and start cooking.  I will probably cook the breakfasts (because I am up at 7am, Lola is always waiting for some play time), and Jose will do the lunches or dinner.  I think it’s a good deal.  Not only has Kate’s blog inspire me to actually cook but maybe even possibly bake.  Who knows?  One step at a time, of course.  J
Now about our breakfast above, beautifully yummy looking huh?  Well it is.
What you will need is:
8 whole canned tomatoes
1 pound mushrooms, trimmed and halved
6 tablespoons olive oil
8 (1/2-inch thick) slices rustic country bread
1 garlic clove, halved crosswise
4 ounces thinly sliced smoked ham 
8 large eggs
* Note:  This amount makes 4 to 8 servings.                                     
Here is the link to her blog and the directions to the cooking.  You won’t be disappointed!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lola!

(Lola's first picture, on our way home from picking her up)

Today you turn 2 years old and I can hardly believe it.  I still remember the day we brought you home.  You were a “heavy” 1 ½ lbs.  Little did we know you would not only change our lives, but also teach us so many life lessons in the short time we have had you. I can’t imagine what the next 20 years are going to be like.

(The first time she fell asleep on me)

In the first 2 weeks and 2 emergency room visits our bond was nothing we have ever felt before.  Right off the bat we became dedicated to you and loving you more everyday and that has been very easy to do.


You have always been such a good dog.  Here are my top reasons why you are so amazing to us:
  • You know all the tricks: sit, wait, down, roll over, and the newly taught trick – shake
  • You come when we call you (even if you don't want to, I can tell by the way you look at us)
  • When we go for our walks you now stop at every corner and wait for me to say OK before you cross the street
  • You are such a cuddle-bug and that tugs on our heart strings (but you already know that)
  • The way you get so excited when we have your favorite treat and before we can tell you what trick to do you perform every single one in about 2 seconds
  • You are always so happy and smiling
  • I personally love how you know I am running a bath for you and you get excited.  It’s about time you like your baths 
  • This is our favorite:  When we are about to go out and about for the day and you see either one of us bring out your bag (because you are always with us), we put your bag down just for a second to grab something and when we come back you are already in your bag, looking up at us – smiling
Of course there is so many other reasons why you are perfect for our family but these are just a few.

(Cuddling with her cousin Rupie)

Ms. Lola, because of you our family has grown closer and stronger in ways that are inspiring to us.  You have taught us that together we want our family to grow even more than just the three of us.  Jose has never had a dog before you.  In fact I had to beg him for 2 years to get a puppy and the deal was he could pick our new addition.  He found you.  He saw you once and that was it.  He made the best choice possible.  I see the way he looks at you; he looks at you with so much love and care.  When I catch that look it makes me realize how good of a Papi he will be alongside me for our own child.   

(Halloween 2010)

(Christmas 2010)

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.  Like I said before, we love you more every day.  We honestly could not imagine our lives without you.