Sunday, February 13, 2011

My first pie!!! That’s right, you heard me!

Since I’m trying to learn how to like cooking I decided to dive right in.  Why not bake a pie from total scratch, including the crust.  Crazy right?  A little yes.
On my journey I have found if you make it yourself it means more, or at least you feel better about it.  I have obviously had pies in the past but they were store bought and the taste was never as sweet as my first.
Again this recipe is from my good friend Kate (I like to call her my personal Julia Child).  It’s an easy recipe but for beginners, have fun!!
Things I need to remind myself when I start to cook or bake something new:
·         Don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t turn out as you planned.
·         It’s your first time so don’t have an anxiety attack, its ok – just breathe!!!!!
·         When reading directions on how to make it look pretty but you can’t make it look like it, it’s ok – the most important thing is the taste!  J

This pie is not a pie, it’s a masterpiece.  The only thing I did different was use blueberries instead of raspberries. 

Funny note about my first time baking this pie!  After crating the crust I decided to put it in my “pie pan” then I noticed uuuummm I bought a cake pan.  Haha so my pie turned out to look more like a cake.  Ooohh this is one for the memory book for sure!  I was wondering why the crust wouldn’t flap over like in Kate’s blog picture. 

Of course after the pie was ready to serve I gave Jose the first piece and said “good luck, hope you survive”, and he did!  He said it was really good, I thought he was lying at first until I saw him get another piece. 

I am starting to find cooking and baking empowering in its own way (especially since the whole time I was baking I blast Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”).  Like I said before, it tastes so much sweeter if you make it yourself.    On to the next project, wish me luck.

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