Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To stay in the city or not to stay in the city, that my friends is the question.


Deciding to stay in the city or not was actually not a hard decision.  We both love the city, but we both equally agree leaving is the best.  Of course we would never go far because we both work in the city but we can get more space and maybe even our own yard. 
When we discussed leaving the city my point of view is that I grew up in a small town and never lived in an apartment until I moved to Seattle (of course that was before I came to San Francisco).  I just don’t want to raise a child in the city.  I find it overwhelming as it is and I’ve been here for 7 years already.   I do believe raising a child in the city does have benefits to it, I would just rather be able to come back when we want.
The city with our child can be more of an exciting event rather than being an everyday thing.  I actually look forward to leaving.   It just seems the older I get, the louder the city gets.  I find myself going to bed at 9 or 10 and our neighbors are having a party and I can hear every laugh or stomp and I try sleeping with ear plugs. 
I guess I’m just changing and ready for the next move in our life. 
Now trying to figure out where to go will be the harder decision.  Where are the best schools, safer locations, and more things to do with your dog? 
I think these decisions will be a bit more difficult and a lot more compromising.


  1. I think north bay has better schooling. San Rafeal, Fairfax, etc. I have a friend that just moved over because of schooling. If you head to the eastbay (without being too far out) Peralta Elementary is a great school.

  2. Oohh Mama you're so wise! This is why we are friends! Thanks for the info. Jose has been mentioning the North Bay.