Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family is so important

While cooking dinner last night (it totally turned out delish!!):

I started to think about the importance of family and what role they play in your life.  As much as I would like to think that I personally could make it out there all on my own I honestly don’t know what I would do without my family.  Good or bad they all play a part in my development.  Luckily Jose and I both have such good families, Jose’s mom is so gentle and loving it’s unbelievable.   Even though I have yet learned enough Spanish to keep up a conversation you can feel the love through her actions, her smile, and her laugh.  She has a great laugh.  As far as his sisters, can you say amazing?  They all are nothing short of that.  His nephews and nieces are obviously the cutest; they call me uncle which it’s the funniest.   I love every bit of it.  Becoming a part of Jose’s family was the easiest; right off the back his mom would constantly fill my plate even though I was so old I couldn’t eat another bite.  His sisters talk to me and still quiz me about stuff, and his nieces and nephews tell me about their day to day life which I can’t get enough of.
I believe Jose is such a wonderful man because of his mom and sisters.  He is strong, and knows what he wants and nothing you do will make him feel different.  I have them to thank for such a wonderful husband.

As for me both my parents they taught me if you work hard, things will work out.  I find that to be true for the most part.  My grandparents are a second set of parents to me.  They taught me to always be a good person, never judge and just show who you are.  Just the other day I spoke to my grandma on the phone and she called me her “special guy”.  I’m almost 29 and I still don’t get tired of hearing that.  My sister has always taught me that determination can get you to where you want to go and to never give up.  She is still going after her dream to become a vet even though it may take her a little longer (she is 4 years younger than I am but I have always looked up to her).  To my aunts and uncles except one aunt, they have always loved me no matter what and have always tried to understand me.  They taught me that even if you don’t understand, try.  To that except one aunt, she has taught be that her ignorance will not drag me down anymore.  Even though she told me she couldn’t congratulate me on my marriage to my husband because she thinks what I am is wrong.  I have spent 2 years strongly disliking her and never wanting anybody to mention her name because a fire would burn in my soul.  Now, she no longer controls my feelings.  Do I forgive her?  No, I have just decided to move on and be happy and not to think about how she could do this to me?  Why would she say these things to me?  I stopped caring, it has been the most freeing thing I have ever done.  So what she has taught me is that sometimes ignorance gets the best of people, if they decide not to educate themselves, what can you do?  Just move on and be happy.  I feel since we want a child I need to learn these lessons so everything will be a pro in our child’s life.  I want no anger in our lives, no resentment.  Only love and happiness.

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