Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Adopt? Let me tell you why it’s so right for us

A couple years ago after some dear friends of ours had a baby girl we had “the talk”.  I believe it was more because we all of a sudden got super paternal.   We talked about the pros and cons of surrogacy and adoption and here are the reasons we went with adoption.
Adoption will be emotional and tough at first; however helping a child out that is in foster care or an orphanage is an amazing gift for him/her and also us.  I believe you can feel like the biological father even though you’re not.  Blood isn’t always as thick as most people think.  As my mother taught me:  love has no boundaries.  Since deciding to adopt our next conversation turned into age.  What age will we adopt?  To us that was an easy decision, 2 to 9 years old.  Why?  Everybody wants a new born.  Plus I like the idea of the child knowing what is going on (or at least comprehending it).  I know it will be a lot of work for our future child and for us but it will be so rewarding.    Deciding if we want a boy or girl we are open with that decision.  We are just walking into this whole situation with our hearts open and ready for our family to grow.
After being together for 5 years now we are on the same page and wanting to go forward and start trying to become adoptive parents.  First step:  Orientation and that is about a month away.  I on the one hand am overly excited and I always get ahead of myself and my partner is the total opposite.  He is calm and collected about getting started.  I am already daydreaming, what about? 
Here is my list:  Are we going to move out of the city?  What color are we going to paint their room?  What is going to be his/her favorite food?  What about his/her favorite color?  Basically I think about everything possible surrounding kids.
This journey is going to be the most exciting and bonding experience for my partner and I and I can’t wait to begin.  I’ll keep you posted.

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