Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts while making some yummy healthy frittatas

I decided to make some cupcake size frittatas because:
  1. They are a healthy option
  2. They are seriously yummy
  3. I make them when I need to butter up to some amazing co-workers (hehe)

Link to the recipe:  Totally give props to the Creator of this delish funness!

While I was creating my masterpieces I immediately thought about how my darling Jose didn’t like them because they are veggie.  At first I thought, “I should make some special just for him, but why does he always want something a little different when I make something?  Either he wants his tapatio or his tortillas or his jalapeños.  Then I thought “umm Jimmy, total reality check”.  If you are going to have a child, nothing you make will just be enough.  I got an immediate flashback to when my sister was a chiquitita (means little one in Spanish).  She was very picky, my mom would either have to make what my sister would eat or my sister would hardly eat.  She would only eat a few different things: spaghetti, hamburgers (the bun and the meat), venison (deer meat) and chicken (depending on what the chicken was cooked with).
So that means no veggies for her at ALL.  Even now it’s hard to get her to eat veggies, can you imagine trying to get her to eat a veggie burger?  I think not!

I quickly came to the conclusion to get over it and adjust my cooking to how people in my family like it.  So I made some veggie and some with bacon as requested.  I might as well start training myself now instead of being shocked when my child doesn’t want to eat my cooking.  I have to admit, I “can” be dramatic so I wouldn’t really be that shocked.  I just need to prepare myself for a possible picky eater.  And if that’s the case, I will still greet the situation with open arms, hugs, kisses, and more I love you’s than ever before.


  1. Hey Future Daddies: Make your own baby/toddler food, sneak in veggies (See Jessica Seinfeld's 'Deceptively Delicious'), and you can combat picky eating - at least a little bit. I sneak good foods into my girls' food all the time, and they don't know the difference. My blog has some of these ideas on it (see pink pancakes and homemade baby food). They're still difficult at 3 1/2, but that's their age. If they don't feel like eating, they won't; but it's really not because they don't like the spinach I sneak onto their pizza! Good luck - it's all about being thrown off the dock when you're a parent - see how well you can swim!

  2. Great epiphany to have, and to prepare yourself for. I didn’t even think about it. Our oldest ( 10 year old boy) will eat anything but doesn’t like cheese! He has expanded his horizons, and loves my baked mac & cheese but otherwise…it is a struggle…Our two year old ( boy) – I am convinced – is going to be a chef. He loves EVERYTHING. Our baby ( 1 year old girl) eats what she wants when she wants. I have learned not to take it personal…