Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Blanket Adventure!!

The reason of wanting to make a baby blanket is that some of our very best friends just adopted a baby girl.  As soon as I heard about it I felt I had to do this.  It’s such a special occasion and I couldn’t think of anything else I could do but make something by hand.
Finally I was able to meet up with one of my best girlfriends (Ms. Melissa) and put this baby blanket together!

After arriving at 6pm this is what was waiting for me:

Sea bass, fruit, potatoes, asparagus (so yummy)
After literally stuffing my face with some great food and wonderful company, we looked at each other and we said:  the day has come!  Let’s tackle it!

So here are the most important items:
·         Fabric (obviously)
·         Cotton stuffing
·         Thread
·         Satin binding (for the border)
·         Sewing machine
·         Sewing machine manual
·         A very special friend! (this is a MUST have if you are a beginner)

Here is Melissa when we first started

Here is when we couldn't figure out the bobbin.  Or so we thought!!

Guess what?  We were pulling the knob the wrong way!!  THE WHOLE TIME!!!  It wasn't the bobbin.  Once we finally figured out that out the sewing flew by.  I am so proud of us!  I really am.

Here I am with the back of the blanket

I'm trying not to laugh and poke my finger with a needle. 

Here are the pictures of the final product:

Final thought about the baby blanket.  Besided\s the heart to heart with a good friend and really getting to know each other, I really enjoyed making the blanket.  I found it was easier if you have somebody help at first so you can really grasp the project at hand.  Will I make one again?  Sure I will.  Maybe my next one will be for mine?  Or maybe I can up the notch and make a full blanket if we have an older child.  We'll  have to see.  This blanket was only a yard, I can't imagine making a large one. 

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